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Chapter 1: Introduction

Almost three years ago I read an article entitled “How I hacked Slideshare to Optimise Twitter” by Kevin Baldacci, a content marketing analyst for Salesforce’s In it he shared his the approach he uses to optimize engagement using a combination of SlideShare and twitter. He demonstrated this using a presentation called “50 Customer Service Quotes you need to Hang in your office.” Baldacci says he chose the topic because ‘people love quotes and love to tweet them to others.’

Baldacci managed to create a presentation to capture the viewers’ imagination combined with a simple method to enable them [perhaps unconsciously] market his products and services to others – very clever! The results speak for themselves.When I first wrote this article the presentation had half a million views but several years on its more than one million. Amazing!


Chapter 2: Early Experimentation

I decided to have a go myself to see what I could do. My early attempts to create a presentation with ‘magic buttons’ did not work! I was reminded of Thomas Edison who is attributed with saying “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” So I persevered.

When the break through did eventually come for me it wasn’t quite so dramatic, or game-changing as it was for Edison but it did feel pretty good. One key lesson I learned then, that still holds good today, is that SlideShare does not support the inclusion of a share button in the first 3 slides of a presentation!

In this presentation the first five slides are quite normal – that is to say that they do not have built-in share buttons. However, when repeated, at positions six to ten, they include the Twitter logo as a button. When clicked each button generates a tweet.

The trick here is to ensure that each tweet includes a positive reinforcing message that draws the reader back to the presentation. Bitly [A URL shortener and Link Management Platform] is used to organise and shorten URLs and clicktotweet to generate the all important ‘SlideSharing’ Tweets. [For further information see Baldicci’s 10 steps guide]


Chapter 3 – The Camel share me button

Arabian Nights - Turning a Project Team Around in the DesertDuring August 2013, as part of APM’s ProgM SIG Summer series I organised a webinar with Nick Fewings entitled ‘Arabian Nights – Turning a Project team around in the desert.‘ Soon after the webinar, the recording was uploaded to APM YouTube and SlideShare channels. Following on from this the idea of including a ‘camel share me button’ came to mind.

And the result? In just one month 1250 views, out-performing all other presentations in APM SlideShare Channel helping to promote the APM and Ngagementworks [Nick Fewings] products and services in equal measure.




Chapter 4 – A visual joke helps

The day that Albert Einstein most feared is finally here‘ is a visual joke that was in circulation in 2013. Because it includes a quote from the great man himself I decided that it would be worthy of SlideSharing treatment.

Hence, the creation of my next presentation with the inclusion of ‘clicktotweet‘ buttons to promote my own products and services. If anyone did happen to [1] find the presentation and [2] click the relevant button, the tweet below would be generated:

[Slideshare:] Einstein on human interaction & technology! Engage @merv_pol & test drive


Chapter 5 – Pay it forward

The “16 Unique & Innovative Ways to Market your Businesspresentation was created by a group of volunteers who try to make a difference in the world by ‘volunteering in an orphanage in Moshi, Tanzania. Readers are invited to support the project by making a small donation at

So with a mix of great hints and tips such as “Rent human billboards in your target cities” and “Sponsor a SlideShare presentation for an ad spot.” the presentation serves both to inform as well as promote a worthy cause.

And the statistics tell their own story just under one million views  – and more 80% of them coming from 70 comments, more than 300 likes, 150 embeds, 47 embeds, 165 likes almost 5,000 downloads etc.


Chapter 6: What has happened since?

In November 2013 this approach was again employed in connection with ProgM SIG “Delivering more for less: using programme management to achieve transformational change in an era of austerity” conference #apmmore4less [See Summary presentation – final slide] and tweet below:

#apmmore4less @apmprogmsig “Delivering events that engage, inspire & add value” #pmot

And, as I write again, it will be shared tomorrow at ProgM SIG “Social Media for Project Manager’s” unconference #apmunconf to be held on 16 March 2016. I look forward to seeing how this approach can be developed / progressed further …

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